Kalm with Kava

Kalm with Kava began in 2010 with a simple mission, to create effective Noble Kava products for natural mind and body relaxation. Mike Munsell, founder, owner and Chief Kavasseur has been drinking kava and researching the history, cultural traditions, science, and beneficial properties of the plant for over 16 years.


From the outset, we knew that sourcing directly from small farms on the Pacific Islands was the only way to acquire the highest quality Noble kava. Traveling to the South Pacific countries of Fiji, Vanuatu, and Tonga enables us to personally sample dozens of different kavas and select the absolute best kava varieties available. We meet the farmers and visually inspect the crops and processing techniques and only purchase the freshest, 100% Noble kava. Only the highest-quality Noble kava makes the cut and into the products in the Kalm with Kava online store


Over the course of the last 7 years we have worked with nutritionists, food scientists, and chemists to develop a range kava relaxation products. It is an ever-evolving process as we continuously seek to meet the needs of people wanting to enjoy kava for mind, body or social relaxation, during the daytime or evening. Please contact us with any questions and feel free to visit our website www.kalmwithkava.com

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